Nahoko Iwata

Ultra-marathon runner & Researcher


Mariko Takahashi

Dance Instructor

At age 55 I took up dancing as a way to get exercise while having fun. As long as I was doing it, I decided to get good at it, and when I retired from my engineering job at age 65, I became a professional dancer. I am usually careful with my body but at a wedding where the music and champaign got the better of me and I danced hard on a cement floor in dress shoes for hours. Within 2 days I could hardly walk, my feet and shins were so sore. I could not dance at all. I went to Dr. Uchida, who applied heat treatment, electric stimulation and therapeutic massage. I was immediately much better and could walk fairly well. A second treatment a week later and I was completely cured. I was amazed at what a difference two treatments could make in my ability to function. I dance six days a week and do other exercises 1 and 1/2 hours per day. A weekly tune up at Dr. Uchidaʼs keeps me moving like an athlete.

John Edwards

Professional dancer

Several years ago, I suddenly had a health problem. I had MRI exam, CT etc. and no problem was found. I visited Uchida clinic and Dr. Uchida treated me with acupuncture and prescribed Chinese herbs. My condition gradually improved and now I am almost cured from the symptom. I regularly visit Uchida clinic to maintain my healthy life.

Mamoru Fujinoki

IT Consultant, Fuji Business International