Our Philosophy

Hybrid approach of the most effective treatments

Your treatments are individualized to your specific needs. Dr. Uchida studied many techniques and over the years has thought about and experimented with using many different techniques for different people and issues. For her this eclectic approach is more effective than traditional exclusive focus on spinal adjustments. Her hybrid approach between the traditional Japanese and Western approaches to chiropractic and related therapies appears to have the best results for her patients. It is somewhat like Bruce Leeʼs approach to martial arts, to learn all techniques, but use a combination of the most effective tailored to the individual. The other aspect is to get rid of the non-essential, so you can focus exactly on the most effective treatments and not waste time on those with minimal or nebulous results. The focus is on the most effective techniques to fix the patient.

If you have the following symptoms, please contact us.



Chronic Headache ( Migraine headache, Tension headache, Cluster migraine),  Symptomatic headache ( Brain tumor,  Subarachnoid hemorrhage, Cerebral infarction, Sinusitis, Cerebral meningitis, Temporal arteritis)

Neck pain

Pains due to long-hour desk works,  Cervical disc herniaTemporomandibular joint disorder etc.

Shoulder pain

Stiff shoulder due to age, Rotator cuff injury etc.

Wrist pain, numbness

Carpal-tunnel syndrome, Cervical disc hernia etc.

Back pain

Postural distortion, Scoliosis, Pains due to infant care, Pains due to unfit underwear, Gallstone etc.

Lower back pain

Postural distortion, Pains from working long hours,  Lack of exercise, Lack of muscle strength,, Spinal canal stenosis, Lumbar disc hernia etc.

Infertility Treatment

In-Pregnancy, Post-Delivery Care

After-surgery care, rehabilitation

Disc hernia, Lumbar canal stenosis, Cerebral infarction

Sports Injuries

Remedy for External injuries, Sprain, Tendon sheath inflammation, Bruise, Bone fracture, Cerebral concussion from sports activities such as soccer, baseball, rugby or other contact sports, tennis, golf, running, ski, and cheer, X-ray exam

Injuries by car accident

Traumatic cervical syndrome, Straight neck, External injuries etc.

Hip point pain

Overuse injury, Hip join diseases, Weight gain

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Joint inflammation, connective tissue disease